ECT Center

What is ECT Center?

It is a service platform Technology Engineering Consultancy created to solve the main needs of your IT equipment.

The rapid technological change creates significant opportunities to improve the performance and competitiveness of enterprises and institutions. Therefore, the IT infrastructure has become an essential tool in the successful development of business.

The IT infrastructure as a major player in business today is primary goals:


At the same tempo IT supply is presented to the client as a complex environment where most of the following phenomena:


EIn Technology Engineering Consultancy we are conscious of the need to maximize our utility customers and maintain existing IT resources. This designed ECT Center, which allows our customers to meet the needs of their company's IT infrastructure.

ECT Center is a full service, for a monthly payment known to offer:

Instalación y puesta en marcha


Operational Continuity

Considering the hardware and software maintenance of their equipment directly to your unit of work and after hours of slaughter, in order not to interfere the natural and productive organization.

Operational Warranty Service

Considering the hardware and software maintenance of your equipment, you will have a guarantee of service provided by the staff of TCS Center.

ECT Center solutions on time

ECT Center is an innovative idea that allows the user to step in prevention, to have a support contract Scheduled for maintaining their computer equipment. Chronologically coordinating the maintenance of their computer equipment, avoiding cripple its administrative processes.

ECT Center is a permanent solution in time, with great responsiveness and customer satisfaction at the highest level. We are a reputable company that can provide services directly to your organization, providing a guarantee for the service maintenance of computer equipment.

ECT Center is a service center that has a specific design and complete geographical coverage, whose mission is to respond effectively and efficiently to our customers.

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