WEB Solutions

Domain Registration

A domain name is an identifier used to refer to a computer or set of computers on the network. For example, the name "ect.cl" groups all Computer Engineering Consultancy Technology, while "eureka.ect.cl" means a computer called "eureka", which itself is located in the Engineering Consultancy Technology.

A domain name is a resource that can be implemented on the Internet, a network services such as email, web page, file transfer (FTP), e-commerce, etc. When a person registers a domain Engineering Consultancy Technology, acquires the technical possibility to associate the domain name with a specific computer he chooses.

E-commerce Development

Internet shopping is no longer based on only one product catalogs, new trends and our experience in the development of e-commerce solutions, is the design and construction of intelligent virtual concepts that offer new value-creating opportunities and ultimately projected appeal in the sale.

Social Media

Technology Engineering Consultancy experience has finished on the use of social networks and the design of e-marketing strategies corporate.

Areas of service include:

This minimizes the gap senior management executives and generates the necessary access to modern strategies of Social Media, supporting them in the optimal management of the tools and applications available to both Web 2.0 and the Cloud.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improving the visibility of its corporate website in different browsers, to access a prominent position in the results is usually a long-term task.

It implies in most cases to optimize the structure and content of the website, and the use of various techniques of link building, viral content linkbaiting or order to appear in the top positions of search engine results.

In Technology Engineering Consultancy we specialize in the application of SEO techniques applied to position your website above your competitors.

WEB Serial

A serial software is one that is developed to be sold in series, and sold openly as it is more of a product of service. It has exclusive license and their functions are generally standardized or common use of a basic sector / market item.

WEB Custom

This type of solution is based on the upgrade and adjustment of a Serial WEB solution in order to create functionality not included in the original software, or change / cancel operations that do not follow the rules own business in the operation of the company that uses it.

WEB Developing Custom-Made

This type of solution is based on the analysis, design, development and implementation of a custom-built application in order to create functions that perform operations that strictly follow the business rules of the client company.