Why ECT?

Accomplishment of Objectives

The Technology Engineering Consultancy team has all the elements necessary to recognize the evidence available environment, diagnose business scenarios, plan a course of action appropriate to the needs of each of our clients, and thus maximize achieve strategic objectives.

Effective and Efficient

Keep the impact of the outcome of our work aligned with the business vision of the client based on the objectives is one of our corporate axioms. The key axiom is based on our ability to build priorities and how are you promptly develop.

Used properly and wisely the resources available to achieve corporate goals, according to the requirements of each customer.


We are a demanding, focused on satisfying our customers, guiding the design of our business processes to develop high performance solutions tailored to the needs of each challenge.


We believe that integrity, professionalism and honesty of our staff is the best introduction, and is reflected in the strong bonds of trust we have with each of our clients.


Our professional approach is based on the seriousness and high levels of requirements we impose on each of our projects, delivering our potential to solve each and every one of our challenges.


We understand that our presence beyond our business coverage and regional passes limits. So we are to guard our responsibility and we work hard to be at all times up to our challenges.


We are respectful of life of individuals and society as a whole, working from our daily work to make the world better every day.


We are always vigilant for signs that gives us our environment, recognizing the value of innovation and the process necessary to realize collaborative generator building processes know how.

Small solutions to big problems

Many problems of contemporary business contingency require complex analysis to recognize their behavior and eventually resolve issues of concern, however interesting dose delivered innovative mechanisms to find solutions.

We value our work

We are fully aware of the quality of our services, and we appreciate the efforts of our employees to contribute to each time for this project to go forward along the path outlined.


We are able to understand their environment, building business designs that reveal business opportunities quickly and effectively responding to their requirements.


We are a dynamic company with a high level of adaptability that allows us to place ourselves in their reality and project solutions to the demands of their environment.